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The Black, Bold and Beautiful © Indigenous Women’s Luncheon celebrates International Women’s Day by presenting an exciting and empowering program that promotes the successes and challenges

of our indigenous women. To book tickets for the 2024 BBB, scan the QR CODE below or

go online -

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Since 2009, the Black, Bold and Beautiful© Indigenous Women’s Luncheon celebrates International Women’s Day by presenting an exciting and empowering program that promotes the successes and challenges of our Indigenous women.

The Black, Bold and Beautiful© Luncheon is a celebration of Sandra's memory as a young child when her mum and her ‘Aunties’ (both family and community Aunties) played vigoro and hockey in the 50s and 60s. Sandra stated, ‘I remember the unity and support each of my aunties had for each other and most importantly I remember the laughter’.  With the 50s and 60s not being an easy time for our women, they made the most of the very little though important things they had in their lives. 

It is a gathering of united, respectful and caring women who empower and inspire each other with compassion, support and laughter in an alcohol-free zone.

The Black, Bold & Beautiful© Indigenous Women’s Luncheon aims to continue that unity in an alcohol-free environment and celebrate ‘Traditional Women’s Business’ in a modern era by:

  • ​Networking with other business women, community organisations, and businesses

  • Being inspired by our guest speakers

  • Supporting Indigenous businesses 

  • Watching the exciting and stunning fashion parade

  • Raising much needed funds for a Women's & Youth Shelter Home and Sisters Inside

  • Winning a lucky door prize of a wonderful LCD Television

  • Enjoying all this over lunch with friends


The Black Bold & Beautiful Indigenous fashion parades have been a huge hit where we present fashions from Indigenous designers and major fashion outlets for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, plus size and mature age women.

​The Indigenous fashion parades lift the spirit of the community and build the self-esteem of the Aboriginal models as well. They may not have career ambitions to be a fashion model but they have chosen to challenge themselves and participate in an event that is exhilarating and empowering. Modelling in our fashion parade will allow them to take their family and community on a journey that they have never seen before.​

Photographs by 'Living Art by Margie' and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander models parade Indigenous and Portmans fashions.


If you are interested in modelling, have a passion for fashion or like to challenge yourself, here are a few tips to help you at the auditions.

Make-Up: Please wear minimal make-up to create a natural youthful look or an all over clean matte look. 

Clothes: Please wear clothes that compliment your body shape and are comfortable to wear. Do not wear clothes where you are constantly pulling the dress down or fixing the straps on your shoulders.

Shoes: Clean shoes please and no sneakers. If you are wearing sandals, please make sure your feet don’t slip out of them and bring heeled shoes. Ensure you are comfortable and able to walk and turn in your heels.

Measurements:  You must know your height (even though your height will be measured at the audition) and clothes size (top and bottom), bust, waist, hips and shoe size.


Every year, the Black Bold & Beautiful Indigenous Women’s Luncheon donates all funds raised from our raffle to Bahloo Womens & Youth Shelter Home. 


We have wonderful prizes that vary every year from jewellery and body products to paintings, homeware goods and electrical appliances. If you would like to donate a wonderful prize for our raffle next year, please contact us.


If you are interested in being a partner and supporting this incredibly inspiring and exciting women’s event please go to our 'Contact' page and forward your details. 

Your partnership will enable your business to be promoted at the Black Bold & Beautiful Indigenous Women's Luncheons and more importantly, it will highlight your support for Australia’s First Nation women, reconciliation, the Closing the Gap program, the RAP program and diversity in business. 

Sandra's events and activities are targeted at our First Nation women of all ages, and mainstream community and businesses. She will continue to focus on highlighting women’s issues, relating to health, community safety, education, employment and career opportunities.​​

Your partnership and support will assist Sandra in delivering a positive, united and an empowering event for women of all nationalities.


Sandra has been very fortunate to have the same partners since she started Sandra King Management and is grateful for their continuous support. These partnerships have enabled the event and business to grow each year, peaking interest from

other states. to present the Black Bold & Beautiful Luncheon in other major Australian cities.

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