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With 30 years experience in coordinating and directing fashion parades, specialising in emerging Aboriginal models parading Indigenous designed fashions, Sandra King is ‘hands-on’ from beginning to end. Parades start with model auditions, music selection, choreography and, at times, training the emerging models.

Choreographing routines that are entertaining can take up to a week alone, depending on the number of fashions and hours available to rehearse. Overall, the process of directing a choreographed fashion parade can take a minimum of two weeks, including rehearsals, training, fittings and the fashion parade. 


All photographs are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander models in Aboriginal designed fashions.

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Community Fashion Parades

Indigenous fashion parades are about developing self-esteem, team building, leadership and taking the community on a journey that they have never been on before. The girls and guys may not have ambitions to be a fashion model but participating in a challenge that is so different to what they have ever experience is very exhilarating and powerful.

Sandra has presented numerous community fashion parades throughout Queensland including Brisbane, Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Barcaldine, Cherbourg, Townsville and Cairns.

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