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"I have watched Sandra King change the lives of people. When she does her presentations in workshops she helps women feel empowered. She covers self improvement, education, well-being and mental health. She passes on a belief in one's self. She helps women build up their self esteem and pride." - Colleen Lavelle

2 Day Personal Empowerment Program

Day 1

  • Motivational Talk - Who am I (Questions and Answer)

  • Skincare

  • Deportment - Entrance & exits (Great for interviews)

  • Healthy lifestyle talk & make your own healthy lunch

  • Circle of life - Where are you now in your life?

  • Etiquette - Respecting others as well as yourself


Day 2


  • Hair Care - Know your hair and what style suits your face

  • Girl's business (Issues relating to the youth and hygiene)

  • Manicure

  • Healthy lifestyle talk & make your own healthy lunch

  • Total Image (Dress sense and personal presentation)

  • Dreams, Goals and Aspirations

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