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As a mother, I saw a light bulb go off in my daughters when Sandra spoke about alcohol and drugs. She doesn't just talk the same old talk, she is fresh and taps into how young people can change the way they look at drugs and alcohol. It brings a change as they tell their friends what they have learnt.

Colleen Lavelle


Sandra presents her motivational speeches to accommodate her audience. Her priority is to connect with the audience and help them explore the journey they are on, and whether it is in their best interest or for the benefit of others.

The world around us changes all the time, and it's only natural for us to re-evaluate our life's journey and goals. Facing our challenges may seem to be very stressful but knowing how and when to take that first step can be the most rewarding of one’s life.

Sandra has been on many journeys (personal and career wise) and all have come with challenges but in the end it was and always will be her choice to start a new journey, "a journey that will empower me to excel as a student of life’s lessons".


Sandra has presented speeches as a:

  • Guest motivational speaker for six recall programs of the National Indigenous Women’s Leadership program

  • Guest Speaker for the Glades-Global Enterprise Innovation - National Forum on Diversity and Building Pathways

  • Motivational Speaker for the Women’s Ethnic Network for International Women’s Day 2009

  • Various community presentations as a guest and motivational speaker

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